2017 Tax Forms Due Dates

By: Tax Advisors | Jan 15, 2017

1099-MISC (Attorney’s fees) Attorney’s fees 8 substitute payments Jan. 31
1099-R Retirement plan distributions (including IRAs profit sharing plans) Feb. 15
1099-S (Real Estate) Information about real estate gales Jan. 31
1099-SA (Distributions) Distributions from HSA, Archer MSA, or Medicare Advantage MSA Jan. 31 For contributions, May 15
5498 Contributions (including a rollover) to any individual retirement account, including a SEP, SIMPLE and Roth IRA May 31
5498-ESA Contributions to an HSA or Archer MSA and FMV of an HSA, Archer MSA or Medicare Advantage MSA Jan. 31
SSA-1099 Social Security payments Jan. 31
W-2 Wages, including sick pay and benefits Jan. 31
W-2G Gambling winnings Jan. 31
Form No.Reporting InformationDue Date
1042-S Foreign Source Income Reporting Mar. 15
1094-C, 1095-C Affordable Care Act reporting Mar. 2
1098 Home mortgage interest Jan. 31
1098-E Student loan interest Jan. 31
1098-T Tuition, reimbursements, scholarships, grants Jan. 31
1099-A Acquisition or abandonment of secured property Jan. 31
1099-B Sales, barters, and redemptions of securities Feb. 15
1099-C Cancellation/forgiveness of debt income (incl. mortgages) Jan. 31
1099-DlV Dividends, capital gains and distributions Jan. 31
1099-G Govt payments, including tax refunds & unemployment compensation Jan. 31
1099-INT Interest income Jan. 31
1099-K Credit card payments in course of trade or business Jan. 31
1099-LTC Payments under a long term care insurance contract Jan. 31
1099-MlSC (Rents) Rents & royalties, prizes awards non-employee compensation Feb. 15


2017 IRS Tax Forms Due Dates


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